PES Ramadan & Diabetes Awareness

 PES Ramadan & Diabetes Awareness

Pakistan Endocrine Society held its Ramadan Awareness program at Multan on Sunday 5.6.16. Panelists of the program were as follows:

Prof. Dr. Saeed A. Mahar
National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Karachi

Dr. Faisal Masood Qureshi
Al-Khaliq Hospital, Multan

Dr. Waqas Imran
Children Complex, Multan

Dr. Mazhar Faiz Alam
Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur

It was very well attended by more than one hundred audiences from Multan, Rahim yar Khan, Bhawalpur and other areas of Punjab.
People appreciated the efforts of the Pakistan Endocrine Society for arranging such an awareness program for the first time at Multan. Participants showed their interest by asking questions from Panelists & the question-answer session longs for more than one hour.

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