PES held 2 events for GPs and Consultants to Roll-out the National Guideline for the Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

The Pakistan Endocrine Society has organized 2 programs to roll-out the first-ever National Guideline for the Management of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. The first program was attended by over 200 GPs and the second one was attended by over 100 Consultants.

The President Pakistan Endocrine Society Dr. Saeed Ahmed Mahar gives a brief detail of this guideline. He makes people understand why do we need this guideline and how will it affect the life of patients. How GPs from small cities can get benefits from this guideline. He defines the reason behind writing this guideline so well and received a great amount of appreciation from the audience.

Prof. Zaman Shaikh VP-PES, Sindh Region gave his great comments and reviews regarding this Guideline. He appreciated the initiative taken by his colleagues and the hard work they have done to write this guideline for the betterment of the patients suffering from diabetes. He guides the audience more about this guideline, why it was so necessary to have our own guidelines when there are so many guidelines already exist around the globe.

Prof. A.H. Aamir took a detailed session to describe this guideline. He defines the whole motive behind this guideline. How defines the audience about their hard work the troubles they faced for this guideline. He tells the names of the doctors who took part to write this guideline the cities he traveled to take the useful reviews of Senior Doctor’s who treats Diabetes. He got all the information about the complications that the patient faced often while suffering from diabetes. He guides the audience on how they can use this guideline on how to start observing a patient for diabetes and how to diagnose diabetes on the early stages and how to treat diabetes at the right time and with the right way to give that patient a healthier life. This all and much more regarding this guideline was defined by Prof. A.H. Aamir. He also prepared a chart to make it easier for the audience to understand and start implementing on patients. The society distributed those charts to the whole audience for their help and support.

The Audience took a very active part in the question/answer session. The consultant raises some very good questions and gets their queries answered by Prof. A.H. Aamir. Both programs were very informative and successful. The Audience appreciated the efforts of the Pakistan Endocrine Society for the betterment of the future life of the patients who are suffering from Diabetes.

The Pakistan Endocrine Society has always worked for the betterment of humanity and will continue its efforts to make their patients’ lives better and easier.

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