PES 3rd Punjab Chapter CME of 2016

 PES 3rd Punjab Chapter CME of 2016

I am happy to report the proceedings of this year’s third Pakistan Endocrine Society Punjab- AACE Pakistan chapter CME 2016, held at Silver Spoon, Gujrat on Thursday 5th May 2016.

Dr. Babar Hasnain, Senior Medical Specialist, and Dr. Shahida Tarar, leading gynecologists of Gujrat city, were chairpersons of the session. The meeting was attended by 70+ Family Physicians and Gynecologists from Gujrat city and its periphery. 2 credit hour CME certificates by SZABMU, Islamabad were given to participants immediately after the conclusion of the CME activity.

Meeting Topics:

1. Welcome and Introduction by Prof Ali Jawa
2. Recent Advancements in the management of Hyperthyroidism by Dr. Amna Riaz
3. Evaluation and Management of Female Infertility by Prof Dr. Ali Jawa
4. New Advancements in T2DM Management by Dr. Sadia Salman
5. Q & A Session by All the Speakers and Chairperson
6. Closing Remarks by the chairpersons Dr. Babar Hasnain and Dr. Shahida Tarar

Meeting Summary

Welcome and Introduction
Dr. Babar Hasnain and Dr. Shahida Tarar, chairpersons for the meeting were introduced by Prof Ali Jawa. He then welcomed the audience and share the objectives of the meeting which were:
1. Review the new advancements in the management of Hypothyroidism
2. Evaluation and Management of Short Stature.
3. New Advancements in T2DM management

Dr. Amna Riaz gave her talk with an overview of the basic physiology of the thyroid gland, followed by the etiology, symptoms, signs, lab tests and management of hypothyroidism. Management consideration in special situations such as pregnancy and subclinical hypothyroidism were discussed.

Dr. Sadia Salman provided an overview of available diagnostic options and treatment regimens for type 2 diabetes management. In addition to pharmacological treatment, she highlighted the role of lifestyle modifications including regular exercise as part of healthy living.

Prof Ali Jawa initiated his talk by broadly discussing the causes of infertility in females. After a broad overview, he further elaborated upon the endocrine aspect of female infertility and management considerations.

Question Answers well addressed by the honorable speakers:

Dr. Babar Husnain and Dr. Shahida Tarar thanked all the speakers and the audience. Dr. Babar was highly appreciative of the Pakistan Endocrine Society’s initiative to conduct CME activities in smaller cities such as Gujrat. With full PMDC-approved CME accreditation, this was an ideal opportunity for family physicians to learn fr experts literally at their doorsteps.

Dr. Shahid Tarar, on behalf of gynecologists, thanked the speakers for taking the time to impart learning to all. She was especially appreciative of the extra efforts made by the speakers to specifically highlight endocrine diseases from a gynecologist’s perspective as well. She requested the Pakistan Endocrine Society to hold a special symposium on infertility in Gujrat.

Dr. Mahfooz, Senior Family Physician and active member of Pakistan Medical Association Gujrat City, gave away shields to speakers and chairpersons for the session.

Dr. Ali Jawa thanked the audience for their active and enthiusiastic participation. He also was appreciative of Abbott laboratories for sponsoring the activity. He took the opportunity to apprise the participants of the upcoming PES mid summer meeting May 13th, 14th and 15th at Muzaffarabad, followed by annual event in Islamabad on November 18th, 19th and 20th. Afterwards the meeting was adjourned

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