PES 1st Punjab Chapter CME of 2016

I am happy to report the proceedings of the first Pakistan Endocrine Society Punjab- AACE Pakistan chapter CME-2016, held at PC Rawalpindi on Thursday 5th April 2016. Prof. Javed Akram, Vice-Chancellor, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, PIMS, Islamabad was the chairperson of the session. The meeting was attended by 100+ Family Physicians from Rawalpindi. 2 credit hour CME certificates by SZABMU, Islamabad were given to participants immediately after the conclusion of the CME activity.

Meeting Topics:
1. Welcome and Introduction by Dr. Ali Jawa
2. Recent Advancements in the management of Hypothyroidism by Dr. Osama Ishtiaq
3. Evaluation and Management of Short Stature by Colonel Dr. Shahid Ahmed
4. New Advancements in T2DM Management by Dr. Ali Jawa
5. Q & A Session by All the Speakers and Chairperson
6. Closing Remarks by Prof.Javed Akram-chairperson

Meeting Summary

Welcome and Introduction
Prof.Dr Javed Akram, chair of the meeting was introduced by Prof Ali Jawa. He then welcomed the audience and share the objectives of the meeting which were:
1. Review the new advancements in the management of Hypothyroidism
2. Evaluation and Management of Short Stature.
3. New Advancements in T2DM management

Dr. Osama started very brilliantly from the basic physiology of Hypothyroidism and shared the etiology of hypothyroidism, symptoms, signs and lab tests and management regimen available. Management consideration in special situations such as pregnancy and subclinical hypothyroidism were very well explained. He concluded his talk regarding its management saying, ”Start Low and Go Slow”
Dr. Ali Jawa provided the overview of available treatment regimens for type-2 diabetes management.

He discussed the pathophysiology of type-2 diabetes, traditional antihyperglycemic therapy, new advancements like DPP4i, GLP-1 RAs and SGLT-2 as well as mechanisms of action, merits, and demerits of these agents. Insulins with all available formulation types for individualization were also discussed.  He emphasized more on the importance and added benefits with GLP-1Ras in these patients.

His concluding statement that was  very well received by the audience was ”Insulin Resistance doesn’t lie in fat and muscles of the patient but in the mind of the doctor”

Colonel Dr. Shahid Ahmed started the talk with the definition of short stature with measurements, growth charts and its importance for both the boys/girls, rationale behind focusing on history and parental heights, monitoring of growth pattern especially in 1st year, causes of SGA and Lab investigations, GH provocation tests, and treatment of GH Deficiency.

Question Answers well addressed by the honorable speakers:

Dr. Manzoor Ahmed, President of Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians Rawalpindi Chapter,  gave his concluding thoughts. He was very much appreciative of all the speakers who shared a very precise and concise talk on 3-most essential topics. He moreover appreciated the enthusiastic efforts of Dr. Ali Jawa as he is been arranging such learning CMEs sessions for the GPs right after his joining in PIMS and they look forward to the same interactive talks in the future as well.

Prof Dr. Javed Akram thanked all the speakers and the sponsoring company Novo Nordisk and particularly Dr. Osama Ishtiaq and Prof Dr. Ali Jawa for being at the forefront in academic activities. He further added that:
1-   Dr. Osama had very thoughtfully highlighted the importance of hypothyroidism. He opined that its particularly rewarding to treat these patients early because if you delay, you cannot recover the time lost. So earlier the diagnosis and its timely management, the better
2-   In a brief time, Dr. Ali Jawa beautifully shared what is and what will be available for the management of type-2 diabetes patients, specifically highlighting the weight loss benefits of certain regimens. As Dr. Ali said, we need to look for every aspect of this disease being a metabolic disorder to improve patient’s quality of life.
3-   Last but not least, Dr. Shahid very succinctly shared the value and importance of workup of short stature patients and time tested the role of GH treatment. Indeed, our Family Physicians, who are at the forefront, need to be able to identify and refer as needed patients with short stature to endocrinologists.

Dr. Ali Jawa thanked the audience for their active and enthusiastic participation and the meeting was adjourned

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