Membership of Pakistan Endocrine Society consists of Executive and Honorary categories. Following are the criteria and levels of Pakistan Endocrine Society membership

Executive Membership

The executive membership of the Society shall be open to Clinical Endocrinologists of either sex who meet the membership criteria as outlined below and agrees to the aims and objectives of the society and is willing to abide by the rules, pay yearly membership fee of the revised fees as and when revised by the Board of Management of the society.

MBBS doctors of Pakistani descent that reside and practice in Pakistan who have passed FCPS-Endocrinology examination, completed formal endocrine training in UK with CSST or Diplomate American Board of Endocrinology and Diabetes.

Those doctors who meet the executive membership criteria above will need to apply for the same, duly endorsed by two executive members in good standing with the society. Once the executive membership application is received and approved by the Board of Management, it will be presented in the next General Body meeting for approval by executive members with 2/3rd majority vote.

Honorary Executive Membership

The eligibility criteria for Honorary Executive PES members is be as follows:

  • Post graduate qualification in the discipline of Medicine recognized by PMDC.
  • Clinical experience of at least 5 years after post graduation.
  • Must have attended at least 2 PES conferences (either annual or Mid-Summer) before applying for the honorary membership. In addition, two of the following criteria must be met as part of significant contribution to Endocrinology:
    • Examiner/ Supervisor of CPSP in the discipline of Endocrinology
    • At least five research publications in PMDC approved journals that should encompass Endocrine and Diabetes Topics
    • Invited Speaker at PES Conference
International Executive Membership

Medical Doctor of / not of Pakistani descent and does not reside and practice in Pakistan who fulfills requirements for an executive member falls in this category. This membership category also includes Executive Members of the society who have moved and now practice abroad.

Scientific Membership

MBBS Doctor of Pakistani descent who has completed postgraduate training and passed FCPS-Medicine and is undergoing postgraduate training in Endocrinology (Endocrine Fellow-in-training) in Pakistan may apply for this membership. Out of two persons who endorse his/her nomination papers, one has to be his/her postgraduate training supervisor who is also an executive member of the society in good standing. Once their training is completed and they have passed the requisite examination, they can apply with documentary evidence for converting their status to executive membership.

Associate Membership

MBBS Doctors of Pakistani descent residing and practicing in Pakistan and have made contribution towards promoting the cause of endocrinology. For this membership to be active person should have attended our midsummer or annual meeting for that year. This membership category includes General/Family Physicians, M.Sc. or Diploma in Diabetes/Endocrinology, etc.

Executive Member

MBBS Doctor of Pakistani descent who has completed postgraduate training and passed FCPS-Medicine, MRCP or is Diplomat American Board of Internal Medicine residing and practicing in Pakistan and has made significant contribution towards promoting the cause of endocrinology in Pakistan. Candidate for this membership category are nominated by the executive members. Candidate cannot nominate themselves for this category.

Community Member

Non-medical persons who are committed and wish to contribute and support the cause of Pakistan Endocrine Society

Allied Membership

This membership category includes dieticians and nurses , diabetic educators, advocay and support groups and organizations, physical fitness trainers and psychologists.

Rights and Obligations Of the Members

The members shall strictly observe the by-laws and rules

Every executive members shall pay prescribed subscription fee as determined by Board of Management from time to time on/ or before 10th day of January every year without any notice of demand.

Removal / Termination From Membership

Executive members that fail to pay annual subscription fee by 1 month after the fee is due will have their membership status automatically inactivated.

Every member who acts or behaves in contravention of the aims and objectives of the society either by unsuitable behavior or otherwise and a resolution to that effect is passed against him by the Board of Management shall be removed from membership by giving him a show-cause notice.

A member shall be ceased to be a member of the society for any of the following reason:

  • Resignation accepted by the Board of Management.
  • Death of the member.
  • Gross misconduct.
  • Final conviction and sentence by a court of law involving moral turpitude, followed by a resolution of the Board of Management.
  • Becoming mad, lunatic and abnormal
  • Involvement in activities against the interest of Pakistan

Restoration of Membership

Member, who ceases to be a member of the society owing to clause 3 (c)(i) can restore their membership status by paying their dues, provided other clauses are not applicable.

For those whose membership has been terminated for clause 3 (c) (iii) mentioned above may be re-enrolled as member upon written request, with the approval of the Board of Governors and a payment of arrears, if any.