First-Ever Endocrine Review Course at Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi

 First-Ever Endocrine Review Course at Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi

It gives us a great pleasure to announce that the Pakistan Endocrine Society has organized a very successful First Ever Endocrine Review Course for the Endocrine Fellows from all over Pakistan. It was a great opportunity for the fellows to learn from their seniors and get prepared for their future Exams. This was just not about exams it was much much more than that it was an opportunity for the Fellows to have a look at those critical cases which their senior faces during their practice and learn to deal with them with care and bring them back towards the healthy life.

The program begins with the Tilawat-e-Quran-e-Pak by Dr. Muhammad Qamar Masood and then the president of the Pakistan Endocrine Society Dr. Saeed Mahar welcomes everyone and introduced the first-ever Endocrinologist of Pakistan Dr. Naeem-ul-Haq who inaugurated the program formally. After formal inauguration, our faculty taught the candidates of this course on the following topics.

1. Dr. Ali Jawa Evaluation and Management of Cushing Syndrome & Adrenal Insufficiency
2. Dr. Tasnim Ahsan Endocrine Hypertension
3. Dr. Khadija Humayun Evaluation and Management of Short Stature
4. Dr. Khadija Humayun Pubertal Disorders
5. Dr. Salman Kirmani Disorders of Sex Development (DSDs)
6. Dr. Qamar Masood Interpretation of Thyroid Function Tests and Evaluation of Thyroid Nodule
7. Dr. Yaqoob Ahmadani Diabetic Foot
8. Dr. Maseeh Uzzaman Nuclear Imaging in Endocrinology
9. Dr. A.H. Aamir Pituitary Adenoma
10. Dr. Shahzad Shamim Imaging/XRT/Surgical Management of Pituitary Adenoma
11. Dr. Zakir Alavi Standard of Care of Diabetes and Complications
12. Dr. Saeed Mahar Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
13. Dr. Zaman Sheikh PCOS
14. Dr. Saira Furqan Evaluation and Management of Hypoglycemia in Non-Diabetic Patient
15. Dr. Najmul Islam Management of Thyroid Cancer (DTC & MTC)
16. Dr. Ali Asghar Evaluation & Management of Hypercalcemia and Hypocalcaemia
17. Dr. Aisha Sheikh Amenorrhea
18. Dr. Nanik Ram Male Hypogonadism

Our faculty played the most important role in making this course successful and a fabulous opportunity to learn for the candidates.
It was a great learning experience for the candidates of this course. Hope it will help them in their future responsibilities.

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